Fear of the Light

Some days I realize I am afraid of my own greatness. It may seem paradoxical- considering the path I am on- but it is true. Sometimes the thought that I can actually become everything that I set out to be is frightening. And I know that if I am not careful or honest with myself, …

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He’s Coaching Me to Victory!

I think it was around this time last year that I was watching the Usain Bolt documentary on Netflix. He was running laps during a training session  with his coach but he kept getting a lot of things wrong and so the coach would stop him and correct him each time. I remember being amazed …

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Single… And NOT Looking

No it doesn't mean I am closed off or bitter. Read on 🙂 My sister and I were having a conversation about me not dating. I turn everybody down. I don't give my number out, don't accept any and I pretty much stay indoors as best as I can. So she asked me why (as …

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