Fear of the Light

Some days I realize I am afraid of my own greatness. It may seem paradoxical- considering the path I am on- but it is true. Sometimes the thought that I can actually become everything that I set out to be is frightening. And I know that if I am not careful or honest with myself, …

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Autumn Falls!

Lately, I have discovered I have a passion for photography. I don't even know where it came from but  for the past few months, while walking back and forth to work, I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of God all around me and there's a burning desire in me to capture it, similar to when I get …

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‘The Vision Will Pull You Forward’

I love Morgan Freeman- both the on screen persona and the person he is behind the roles. Not that I know him personally, but his story- that is, his struggle to make it as an actor before the fame- resonates with me on a personal level. About a year and a half ago I was …

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