How do I know if God is calling me to do this… now?

Perhaps it is your desire to start a business. Or you want to go back to school. Maybe you want to relocate to a different state. Change careers. Or maybe you’re considering marrying someone. You are convinced that if it were to work, life would finally feel like living on the other side of your …

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I’m a teacher! Why and how I switched careers in my later thirties :)

When God Redirects! It all started with some discontent. Ain't nothing like a lil holy discontent to mess up your life 🙂 . Allow me to take you back a bit. I quit college in 2006 because I was pregnant and single and I just couldn't manage the tragedy that was now my life. My …

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Seasons Change

As we witness nature transition so beautifully and effortlessly from fall to winter… We should all take a lesson from the trees.

Keciah M. Bailey

SEASONS (I borrowed this picture from my church's website} The Tree in its SEASONS (I borrowed this picture from my church’s website)

I’ve been trying to understand where my fairly recent obsession with landscape photography came from.

I grew up in the country in a small town right by the ocean. I spent my childhood playing in the bushes, making mud pies and climbing trees. Most of my mornings were spent by the ocean, with my grandmother, watching the dawn break. (I sometimes look at my son playing video games or tapping away at his tablet and feel a tinge of guilt – my childhood was, by far, way more enriching than his – of course he’ll never think so 🙂 ).

Needless to say, I find my solace in nature. And so it’s not unnatural that I should want to capture it. I’ve almost exhausted what’s left of the fall foliage, now I find myself looking forward to winter…

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Autumn Falls!

Re-Post Just Because it’s Fall 🙂

Keciah M. Bailey

october3Lately, I have discovered I have a passion for photography. I don’t even know where it came from but  for the past few months, while walking back and forth to work, I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of God all around me and there’s a burning desire in me to capture it, similar to when I get inspiration for a poem. Unfortunately, I don’t have a “photographer’s camera”, it’s just me and my I-phone and I know nothing of lines, compositions, shutter speeds and ISO, so I’ve just been doing the best I know how until I can get a real camera and take some photography classes. ( P.S. Christmas is coming up and my birthday is two months later, if anyone wants to buy me a Nikon D3300 I will love you forever 🙂 )

And so, in this very difficult season I’m in (I like to call it my refinement process) I’m…

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Dear God… When?

Ever felt like you were watching everybody else's glory? Like you were watching God bless everyone else and you were always experiencing someone else's shining moment but it seemed like your turn would never come? Have you ever felt like you had just as much talent and just as much anointing yet day by day …

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“What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Fail?”

I am a great writer. I KNOW that. I know that I can tell a story, write a poem or a song, get a message across, create, convince, coerce... I can work magic with my pen. It doesn't matter the subject matter or the forum, I can convey it and I can do it well. …

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Fighting Tired

Why is it that we quit when we're almost at the end? How is that we survive the storms of the deep only to drown in the shallow waters of the shore - Just yards away from dry land? To everyone else there seems to be nothing wrong. We're past the worst. We fought a …

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Give Your Gifts

I woke up this morning at 4:00 am to a bubbly seven year old, bursting at the seams with excitement, ready to open his gifts. I usually look forward to the joy on his face when he rips open a package and sees something he's been wishing for all year. The thank yous and hugs …

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Fear of the Light

Some days I realize I am afraid of my own greatness. It may seem paradoxical- considering the path I am on- but it is true. Sometimes the thought that I can actually become everything that I set out to be is frightening. And I know that if I am not careful or honest with myself, …

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