Pressure Builds Diamonds: Behind the Name – Identity and Purpose

black-diamond-wallpaper-6.jpgI consider myself “borderline” feminist. (I believe in gender roles and the biblical order of Christ – Husband – Wife – Children, so that probably disqualifies me as a full fledged feminist.)

I love women. I feel called to women… to love, to support and minister to them. I believe in sisterhood, equality, girl power and that there are no limits to what we as women can become or achieve, in this male dominated world. In the eyes of God, we are precious and valuable. God valued us so much that he did not bring us into the world until everything was established and already prepared for us.

This value, bestowed upon us by God himself, is inherent… built inside us. We are chosen as life bringers. No life can enter this world unless it comes through a woman (or female depending on the species).  But, often times, there is much pressure we must endure to bring our shine (sparkle and brilliance) to the surface, much like a diamond.

Diamonds are refined in isolation, in darkness. In the difficulties of transitions, trials and testing.

The black diamond is unique and rare and possesses a remarkable ability to absorb Light  due to it’s makeup. Not much is known about the origin of black diamonds, but many scientists think that they come from meteorites. This mystery makes black diamonds even more enchanting, and besides it is my personal favorite 🙂

This blog documents my walk through the refinement process- in the darkness and isolation that is now my season. It is my hope that it can be a point of inspiration and encouragement for another woman enduring the same or about to enter her process.

May we walk in the fullness of our brilliance and knowledge of our value, and may the beauty of our light shine from the inside out, for all to see and be empowered to do the same.




3 thoughts on “Pressure Builds Diamonds: Behind the Name – Identity and Purpose

  1. First, I would like to say hello and God bless you!!! I happened upon your blogg today and reading through several of your post I feel we have a lot in common. I am a single mother getting back into writing and I am working on my own blogg. I too feel that I have a calling to reach out to woman through my writing and personal experiences. Your posts about “being single and not looking” and “black diamonds” really hit home for me and was a great reminder that I’m not alone in this journey, though I often feel as though I am. I am the “another woman” your blogg is supposed to help, thank you for sharing your blogg and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.


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