Surprise! A Lesson in Faith.

This past Sunday (Jul.24th) my son turned 9. (I'm still in awe at how fast the years are flying by.) Now, birthdays are a big deal to me so my family, friends and I planned a surprise party for him to celebrate his final year in the single digits. Now if you know 9 year olds …

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Why Can’t I Find A Good Man? – Confronting Brokenness and Wrong Thinking.

I usually don't like to talk much about relationships - romantic relationships to be exact.  I'm single and quite enjoying my season so I try to focus on learning to be present and thankful, while maximizing where God has me. I am quite enjoying the gift of Keciah. I have peace. I have joy. But all around …

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God, Is That You? (Hearing God pt. III)

Part III - Ways In Which God Speaks I'm way overdue. I know. I've been procrastinating, finishing college (yay!) job hunting, prepping for graduation and the works. Let's just say the past month has been quite the roller coaster ride (in a good way) and I've been enjoying every minute of it. So didn't nobody …

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God, Is That You? (Hearing God Pt. II)

Part II - Conditioning and Positioning Ourselves to Hear From God. So as promised (although I'm a little late but who's watching?) here's the second installment of "God, is that you?" Now I'm no pastor. Or teacher. I'm just a girl who likes to blog. I'm definitely not the resident expert on the Bible or …

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God, is That You? (Hearing God, Part 1)

  I still feel somewhat weird when I talk to friends and family and I say "well God told me.." and they look at me funny. Or sometimes, in my meditation time the Lord will reveal something to me that excites me so much that I just want to tell someone but because I know …

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When Obedience Disappoints

A few months ago I made a move that I believed God was leading me to make and it failed... Terribly. I had my hopes built up, thought this instruction would lead me to an end result I was praying about for a while now. I prayed, fasted and obeyed but the move crashed.. And …

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Your Gift Will Make Room

    Joy to the world! I can't contain my excitement on this Christmas Day!   Quick story... As most of you know I'm in school working on my journalism degree and after much delay and struggle (because what's a success story without setbacks) I'm finally set to graduate on June, 2nd. (Insert celebration here.) …

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An Open Letter to A Sister in Christ:

I'll admit the image of you bothered me. Being around you always placed me on edge. It made me uncomfortable and uneasy within myself. I prayed about it. I know division is not of God and so for months I tried to figure out why. Why is it that I felt this aversion to you? You've …

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Seasons Change

As we witness nature transition so beautifully and effortlessly from fall to winter… We should all take a lesson from the trees.

Keciah M. Bailey

SEASONS (I borrowed this picture from my church's website} The Tree in its SEASONS (I borrowed this picture from my church’s website)

I’ve been trying to understand where my fairly recent obsession with landscape photography came from.

I grew up in the country in a small town right by the ocean. I spent my childhood playing in the bushes, making mud pies and climbing trees. Most of my mornings were spent by the ocean, with my grandmother, watching the dawn break. (I sometimes look at my son playing video games or tapping away at his tablet and feel a tinge of guilt – my childhood was, by far, way more enriching than his – of course he’ll never think so 🙂 ).

Needless to say, I find my solace in nature. And so it’s not unnatural that I should want to capture it. I’ve almost exhausted what’s left of the fall foliage, now I find myself looking forward to winter…

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In Due Season….

For the last few months I have been battling a lot of frustration. In fact, had it not been for the Grace of God I might not have had the strength to stay the course. I even considered deleting this blog :-(. But God in his goodness, revealed these words to me and since then …

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