Seasons Change

SEASONS (I borrowed this picture from my church's website}
The Tree in its SEASONS (I borrowed this picture from my church’s website)

I’ve been trying to understand where my fairly recent obsession with landscape photography came from.

I grew up in the country in a small town right by the ocean. I spent my childhood playing in the bushes, making mud pies and climbing trees. Most of my mornings were spent by the ocean, with my grandmother, watching the dawn break. (I sometimes look at my son playing video games or tapping away at his tablet and feel a tinge of guilt – my childhood was, by far, way more enriching than his – of course he’ll never think so 🙂 ).

Needless to say, I find my solace in nature. And so it’s not unnatural that I should want to capture it. I’ve almost exhausted what’s left of the fall foliage, now I find myself looking forward to winter, excited by the images I will capture – the irony.

But the fact is, in every season there is beauty. Who can deny that fairy tale feeling of a winter wonderland even after a snow storm in the dead of winter? Or the excitement of Spring as the first signs of new life appear when the flowers bloom and blossoms form on the trees? We all welcome the warmth of the sun and beach days in the summer and we can’t help but admire the picturesque beauty and romance of the fall.

Truly all of nature declares God’s handiwork and his glory – even the trees.

The bitterness of winter will never stop them from blossoming any less beautifully when Spring arrives. Summer will come and they will remain lush and green despite the intensity of the heat. And when fall comes and God calls them to shed their leaves, they will do so beautifully and with grace. Even as the leaves die, they will die a golden death, knowing though it will soon be winter, Spring is sure to come again.

In our seasons, we should all take a lesson from the trees.

It is important to remember that there is purpose in everything that God does. No matter what season we may find ourselves in, we should seek him, pray he reveals his will to us and function accordingly. Not begrudgingly, not with hardened hearts but with gladness, knowing that he who calls us, is faithful.

And so I vow, while I wait, I will find the joy in this season – no matter how cold or fruitless it sometimes may feel. Seasons change always. No need to suffer through the wait while it changes, as inevitably it will. I will praise God and be happy now, because despite what my eyes may see, I have the faith to believe that God is always working on my behalf. I will praise him for the things he is working out that I cannot see. I will praise him for the things he is doing in me to prepare me.

Some days, I would like to give up on the process. Sometimes it feels like isolation. At other times, if I get too caught up in only what my eyes can see, it feels like punishment. But I understand the process and because I understand, I cannot quit. So I embrace this abundance of alone time I have with God, building our relationship and strengthening our intimacy.

Yes, I wait – for the new life of spring and for the warmth of summer. But while I wait I will find the beauty in my season and I will live.

I will praise God for my NOW because, fact is, my love for him and my praises to him, are not contingent on my circumstance. I love him and praise him, just for who he is.

Nothing lasts forever. There is a time for every season, and a season for every activity under the sun but in and out of season, I am a child of God and in and out of season, his love for me never changes.




3 thoughts on “Seasons Change

  1. YoyoEmily

    Timely reminder to always keep a grateful heart. It’s so easy to get caught up with we want we miss what God is trying do now. Thank you. You write so beautifully.


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