Autumn Falls!

october3Lately, I have discovered I have a passion for photography. I don’t even know where it came from but  for the past few months, while walking back and forth to work, I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of God all around me and there’s a burning desire in me to capture it, similar to when I get inspiration for a poem. Unfortunately, I don’t have a “photographer’s camera”, it’s just me and my I-phone and I know nothing of lines, compositions, shutter speeds and ISO, so I’ve just been doing the best I know how until I can get a real camera and take some photography classes. ( P.S. Christmas is coming up and my birthday is two months later, if anyone wants to buy me a Nikon D3300 I will love you forever 🙂 )

And so, in this very difficult season I’m in (I like to call it my refinement process) I’m learning to focus on and pursue my passions to keep me productive… and keep me from losing my mind.

Here are a few fall flicks, all I-phone and filter.

Fall is my favorite season. I think it’s the time of year when God opens his hands and sprinkles his magnificence on all of Mother Nature.

october2   october10

The burst of colors, in different hues of purple, orange, yellow and red… so artistically displayed, it’s breathtaking.

october14  october13
Most say Spring is the most beautiful season but I disagree. I think fall, and all of its melancholy, is the most spellbinding of them all.

october9fall 5

Even as the last of the leaves cascade to the ground, as if to take their final bow.

The explosion of colors, their last hurrah, before winter takes the stage and all of nature is frozen still.

october17fall 4

Isn’t it amazing how “God makes everything beautiful in its time?”




4 thoughts on “Autumn Falls!

  1. Ro

    I really enjoyed your blog. Fall is the most beautiful season of the year. I wish i lived in a place where i can experience the fall colors on tree.


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