Dear 2014…

Bye-bye 2014...
Bye-bye 2014…

You kicked my butt so bad some days I wanted to give up on life. There were times I thought I would never make it through but you are coming to a close and I am still here. I outlasted you. And that in itself is a reason to rejoice.

Still, I hold no bitterness or regrets. I’ve lived long enough to know that life is going to throw us some stuff and to be able to stand we must be resilient and determined.

RESILIENCE – My greatest 2014 lesson.

I am proud to say I am stronger, wiser, more determined and more faith-filled thanks to you. So, while you may have been my toughest year to date – you have been my best teacher. I’ve had to learn to take the blows and keep on fighting. I’ve had to learn to be frustrated but still fruitful. I’ve had to learn to be discouraged but still disciplined and diligent. I’ve had to learn to cling close to God. I’ve had to learn to encourage myself, preach over my own life, rebuke my own devils and cast out my own demons.

If you didn’t take me out, I’m not sure much else can.

So it’s not with sadness that I say goodbye to you – no I’m relieved to see you go. But I say goodbye with the utmost gratitude. I believe I am more prepared to take hold of my destiny because of you. You forced me to discover my wings and you’ve given me a brand new perspective. Who knows what 2015 will bring? Maybe better, maybe worse. But whatever is ahead, you have prepped me well and for that I say thank you.



PS: Oh and thank you for the people you took with you. The ones you’ve left behind are awesome!


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